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Melzu Foot Callus Remover Callus Remover:
How does it work?

Melzu Foot Callus Remover Callus Remover:
How does it work?

Introducing the amazing Melzu Foot Callus Remover Callus Remover!

Natural and Effective

Melzu Foot Callus Remover Callus Remover is a natural remedy made from lava rock to soften your skin and smooth calluses. It exfoliates the outer rough layers of your skin, bringing extra circulation to the areas you use it on.

Cost Efficient

Why spend hundreds of dollars each year on expensive pedicures? Or waste hours of your valuable time at the spa? You can have softer, smoother feet for a fraction of the cost and you never have to leave the comfort of your own home!

Smooth, Soft Feet

Never be ashamed of your feet again. With this gentle but effective callus remover, your feet will be the softest, smoothest and healthiest that they have ever been.

There is no denying the fact that our feet take a beating. Supporting us throughout our day and being exposed to heat, moisture and friction can cause a whole host of problems. The sensitive skin on the heels and soles of our feet becomes dry, scaly and callused, causing unwanted build-up and unsightly problems. Not only can these issues look terrible, they can also be painful, affecting how we stand and walk.

The Melzu Foot Callus Remover Callus Remover offers a simple solution. Using a gentle, yet effective sanding technique, this tool safely files off dead skin revealing the healthy skin below. Corns, calluses and dead, dry skin will quickly be filed away without a trace. It really is that simple!

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How to Use the Melzu Foot Callus Remover Callus Remover

1. Prepare Your Feet

Give your feet a heads-up with a relaxing warm foot bath to soften your callus.

2. Buff Away the Old Skin Cells

Keep your feet wet and start buffing your callus in circular motions with medium pressure.

3. Dry Your Feet

Rinse your feet off, dry them, and apply a moisturizing cream to seal in the moisture and smoothness.

4. Sanitize the Callus Remover

Soap and water is enough to sanitize the callus remover. Dry it thoroughly and then store it away with your other wellness tools.

Gentle, Effective and Easy to Use.



Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic design of the Melzu Foot Callus Remover Callus Remover makes it easy to file the hard-to-reach skin of the heel and soles of the feet. It’s long handle makes it simple for everyone to use, even those with mobility issues.

Gentle but Effective File

The Melzu Foot Callus Remover Callus Remover has a uniquely designed file, made of high quality, durable sanding material. It is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin, yet tough enough to remove even the thickest calluses.

Quality Craftsmanship

Made with durability in mind, the Melzu Foot Callus Remover Callus Remover is constructed using only the highest grade materials. It has been specifically designed to withstand daily use and can tackle even the toughest foot problems.


The Melzu Foot Callus Remover Callus Remover was made to turn the roughest feet silky smooth with zero effort. Simply use a gentle back and forth sanding motion to remove the roughest, toughest calluses with ease.

What are the benefits of the Melzu Foot Callus Remover Callus Remover?

If you are tired of dealing with dry, callused feet, or if you are too embarrassed to go barefoot at the beach, the Melzu Foot Callus Remover Callus Remover can help.

Gets rid of painful calluses

Calluses, corns and cracked, dry skin can be painful. They can rub against your shoes making walking unbearable. The Melzu Foot Callus Remover Callus Remover gently exfoliates away dead skin build-up, uncovering the new, baby-soft skin underneath.

Reveals soft smooth skin

The Melzu Foot Callus Remover Callus Remover uses mild but tough file to effectively sand away dry, damaged skin. Watch as calluses and dead skin quickly peels away, just like a snake shedding its skin. In just a few minutes well-hydrated skin will be revealed, leaving no trace of the unsightly feet that were present just moments before.

Simple and easy to use

With it’s ergonomic handle and gentle but tough file, the Melzu Foot Callus Remover Callus Remover is simple but effective. Using a soft filing motion for just a few minutes a day will reveal smoother, more luscious feet. Plus, this unique device is simple to use, making it perfect for anyone with mobility issues.

Melzu Foot Callus Remover 6-10 Days Rejuvenation Program: Before and After

6-10 days

Say goodbye to rough, chapped feet and say hello to soft, smooth baby-like skin. With just three minutes of use a few times per week, you can achieve amazing results that can last a lifetime.

Stop suffering from calluses and cracked skin. The Melzu Foot Callus Remover Callus Remover works quickly and easily to sand away dead skin. Plus, by using it a few times a week, you can keep your skin soft and smooth for good.

You will never have to deal with embarrassing, unsightly and uncomfortable feet again. Shed unwanted dead skin and get ready to show off healthier, softer and smoother feet to the world!

Why Use Melzu Foot Callus Remover’s Callus Remover and Not Others?

• 5+ inches long x 1.76 inches wide, much larger pumice area than others on the market, allowing you to get the job done in a few minutes per foot and reach difficult places on your feet if you aren’t limber

• Fits in your hand, ergonomically created

• Composed of naturally-formed volcanic rock with both large and small pores, helping exfoliate more than calluses

• Exceptionally easy to use and pleasurable to see the exfoliation results instantly.

Customer Reviews

Eri Buira Bv

Verified Customer

Great callous remover, I have been using it for quite some time now and it works great! It helps get my skin soft without any irritation or problem

Turibio Randrianary

Verified Customer

They are the best company offering Callus removers I have found so far. Their products are easy to use. and There is big discount on the prices, increasingly by getting multiple.

Kung Kamtoon

Verified Customer

I’ve tried many methods but it never worked. But I finally found this product. It removes dead skin and makes new, smoother skin in no time. I love it

Jesús Manuel Villa Mavarez

Verified Customer

I am happy to use Melzu Foot Callus Remover’s callus remover, I recommend it, I use it and it leaves my feet soft and callus free, it has a good price and you save money on pedicures

Laura Sasor

Verified Customer

Excellent product and on-time delivery. I have some calluses, which is why I avoid wearing open shoes. Using Melzu Foot Callus Remover’s callus remover, I noticed the difference within a few minutes of use, as a relaxing effect and my feet felt softer. The discomfort is gone. I recommend the product which is not only very good, but also affordable.

Ale Barros

Verified Customer

I did a lot of comparison shopping before I ordered this remover. I am so glad I bought it! And so are my socks! My heels were so bad. Great product.

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