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Powerful Natural Lava Pumice stone

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Are you suffering from these issues?

You know the importance of taking care of your feet. If you suffer from any of these issues, the Melzu Natural Lava Pumice stone can help.


Friction from your shoes, standing for long periods of time and excessive sweating can cause feet to become dry and flaky. It can also cause uncomfortable calluses to build-up, resulting in pain and discomfort. Your feet can end up looking cracked and sore.


The Melzu Natural Lava Pumice stone is light yet abrasive. It works perfectly to remove layers of stubborn dead skin, calluses, and corns. Our Pumice stones can help break down the tough skin on your feet and prevent calluses from appearing in the first place.

How does the Melzu Natural Pumice stone work?

How does the Melzu Natural Pumice stone work?

By using light and airy, yet strong volcanic rock, these Pumice stones are durable enough to tackle even the toughest feet. Whether you have dry skin, calluses, or corns, these natural pumice stones will gently slough off dead skin and debris, revealing the baby-soft skin underneath.

-50% OFF

The Melzu Natural Pumice stone has so many benefits:

  • Its all natural
    Made from natural, volcanic rock, this Pumice stone works without any harsh chemicals or additives.
  • Its gentle, yet effective
    The light, airy texture of the stone allows it to be tough on rough, dead skin, but gentle on the healthy areas of your feet.
  • It works to remove dry skin
    Volcanic rock is exceptionally good at sloughing off dry, dead skin and calluses, leaving only smooth skin behind.
  • It can help prevent foot problems
    With regular use, the Melzu Natural Pumice stone can keep annoying calluses from building up on your feet, preventing foot problems and keeping your feet pain-free.
  • It helps to reveal softer, smoother feet
    Underneath that dead, callused build-up is the baby-soft skin that you have always dreamed of. With the Melzu Natural Pumice stone you can reveal the true you that's been hidden for too long.

Embrace the volcanic power of the Melzu Natural Pumice stone and reveal softer feet today.

Why should you trust the Melzu Natural Pumice stone?

  • It’s gentle yet reliable.
  • It works quickly.
  • It will ease your sore and tired feet.
  • It reveals soft smooth skin.
  • It’s easy to use.
  • It’s safe for the whole family.

Embrace the ancient power of the volcano with our new natural lava Pumice stone. Made from porous volcanic rock, these stones gently but thoroughly remove all traces of dry, dead skin and leave your feet soft, smooth and beautiful.

See how easy it is to achieve softer skin in just minutes!


Soak your tired feet in warm water to cleanse them and soften up the rough, outer layers of skin.


Using a gentle pressure, slowly rub the Pumice stone on all areas of your feet. Be sure to pay extra attention to any built-up calluses, corns and rough spots.


Brush away the dry skin and use a highly moisturizing lotion to keep feet soft and encourage repair and rejuvenation.


Wash your Pumice stone and set it aside to dry so it is ready for your next use!

Melzu Natural Pumice stone Rejuvenation Program

Softer, smoother feet are just a few days away when you commit to our rejuvenation program. Simply follow our four easy steps every evening before bed for one week and watch as your feet transform before your very eyes.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How often should I use the Melzu Natural Pumice stone?

A: Our Pumice stone is safe to use on a daily basis. How often you use it should depend on how much you suffer from calluses and dry skin on your feet.


Q: How quickly will I see results?

A: The Melzu Natural Pumice stone works quickly to remove dead skin from your feet. You will begin to see results immediately and if you continue with our rejuvenation program, you can completely transform your feet in an astonishingly short time.


Q: Is the Melzu Natural Pumice stone uncomfortable to use?

A: Our Pumice stone contains the power of an ancient volcano, yet it is extremely gentle on your feet. The light, airy nature of the stone makes it comfortable and easy to use, even on the sorest of feet.


Q: Is the Pumice stone safe to use?

A: Yes! Our Pumice stone is completely natural. It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or added ingredients meaning that it is safe for the entire family to use!